Beauty of Bali: Seminyak,Gili Islands, best hotels to stay.

I think it’s only right that I dedicate my first post to the most beautiful place I have ever had the pleasure of visiting, Bali. I visited in May for a two week adventure with the intention to squeeze in as much as physically possible and also to celebrate my other half hitting the big 3-0! The only place we had booked was the first destination, Seminyak, and a surprise couple of nights that I had planned at the world renowned Hanging Gardens in Ubud. Apart from that, we decided to go with the flow and I am pleased to say it all went to plan!





After travelling for almost 24 hours it was absolute bliss to be welcomed with a wet cloth and smiling faces at the Seminyak Beach & Spa Resort – I could have happily stayed there forever sipping on cocktails but since we only had two weeks to explore the island it was a very peaceful & relaxing few nights adapting to the heat and planning out the rest of our trip (with a few spa treatments thrown in for good measure). Seminyak is the “Cosmopolitan” spot of Bali, a full day shopping is essential.  You are spoilt for choice with the amount of boutiques, cocktail and coffee bars.  My recommendations/ Hot spots – Potato Head Beach Club, La Favela and the Earth Cafe.


6am wake up call and a boat ride to our first Gili stop, Gili Air.You can walk this magical island in around 45 minutes. It is very quiet but there is just something special about it. We stayed in the Sunrise Beach hut.The next few days were spent exploring the island, snorkelling, reading books, movie nights on the beach and star watching. This is my favourite of the two Gili islands we visited. Recomandations/ Hot spots – ScallyWags, The beach club (Movie night on the beach)




Next stop: Gili T. Slightly bigger island and a lot more hustle and bustle. We stayed at the Gili Eco Villas which was at the quiet side of the island, we hired bikes to get us round, it took me a while to get my balance as I hadn’t rode one in years and wasn’t the most practical for drink riding home (don’t try this at home)!!


Then we finally made our way to Ubud – The heart of Bali.I had booked 2 surprise nights at Hanging Gardens and I do not know how I managed to keep this from my partner for a whole 5 months. I had anxiety, I am the worst person holding a secret! On the drive up the mountains I had anticipation & excitement to see if it was as breathtaking as the pictures. WOW is the best word I could conjure up WOW…there really are no words. If you can put anywhere on your bucket list…this is the place. I was in total awe for the next 2 days completely unwinding and taking in every single second, it felt like a dream.


Hanging Gardens, Ubud , Rainforest, Jungle


From the stunning beaches and resorts to the kind and welcoming nature of the locals, I don’t even feel I have touched the surface but I will definitely be back to finish off what i started. Its not called ‘The Island Of The Gods’ for nothing….a spiritual and peaceful vibe which can be felt and not understood unless you have experienced yourself, the perfect place to to clear your mind and really grasp the present moment a memory I will never forget.

So if you are anything like me and 99% of the other female population I guess we are all guilty of over packing! Here is a list of essentials to help you pack!.

  1. Clothing-Bikinis and Kimonos for daytime are practically all you will need, maybe a couple pairs of shorts and bare minimal dresses for an evening! Yes i never thought i would say this but go for comfort first (you will thank me later) Embrace the laid back Bali lifestyle and make the most of it. Think loose, linen and light (The 3 L’s) and leave plenty of space to pick up some bargains from Ubud market, i got a pair of pants for 2 pounds and get soooo many comments on them I literally lived in them until the end of summer!
  2. Footwear – 1 or 2  pair of cute sandals for on an evening, walking shoes/comfy trainers incase you go on any expeditions and some flip flops for the beach or pool.
  3. Mosquito spray and lots of it!! Take antihistamine a couple of days before you go! Just incase.
  4. Bali body tanning oil While in Bali of course! Plus smells delish!
  5. Take a hair treatment and wear as much as you can, why not rock the slick look while its in fashion while giving your hair a good treatment! I tried Ojon damage reverse and it worked a treat.

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