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Finishing off my summer 2015 with a week in Santorini was just the icing on the cake! I have had this down on my bucket list for a long time so when my oldest friend asked me to be her bridesmaid at her Santorini wedding I was more than up for the job!  When you think of this island you imagine white washed buildings with blue rooftops and yes, it is as picturesque as the postcards would have you believe, but those pictures are mostly of the village Oia (pronounced ee-a)! There’s so much more to this little Greek gem than meets the eye. Each village has a different character and hidden secrets so don’t get too caught up in relaxing on the beach – venture out and have a wander.


Oai, Santorini, Greece.

Oai, Santorini, Greece.

Santorini, Greece, views,sunsets,



We stayed in Kamari Beach, a cute little strip with almost everything on your doorstep and only a 20 minute walk from one end to the other. It is very quiet so definitely worth trying a couple of evenings elsewhere. Fira is the next town and has the best atmosphere at night time. It’s much livelier and the bars stay open later. They also do the BEST gyros – so good that I ended up eating 2!

My friends beautiful wedding took place at Cavo Ventus Villa (See below). She rented out the place for a week and I even got to crash one night. I was woken up the next day up by our very own maid, who served us the most lavish 5 course champagne breakfast I have ever had! We were overlooking over the Caldera view and I was lapping it up as much as I could –  I seriously felt like an A list celebrity for a few seconds anyway!!

“I wish that I could have this moment for life” – Nicki Minaj’s “Moment 4 Life” was the song of the day and very appropriate. Pure bliss!






Oai, Santorini, Greece.

Fireworks to finish off a lovely evening.

Cavo Ventus Villa.


Bellonias Villa – in Kamari beach was the cutest little love nest and our home from home. It was just PERFECT! Small, intimate, clean, stylish, and cosmopolitan, serving the best food on the whole strip and with a room overlooking the pool! The fact that I could order my fave tipple (pornstar martinis) day or night made it even more special!! 5 stars!!

Oai, Santorini, Greece,KAMARI BEACH

Oai, Santorini, Greece,KAMARI BEACHOai, Santorini, Greece, kamari beach, summer, holiday

Oai, Santorini, Greece, kamari beach, summer, holiday


The only downside is the traditional food is to die for, which meant I came home with a few more holiday pounds than I expected! I suppose the block of feta cheese that I consumed with every meal didn’t help! Oooops! (When in Greece)

Blog post coming soon on the attempt to fit back into my jeans!

Top tips when visiting Santorini –

  • Watch the sunset in Oai (don’t forget the red wine)
  • Quad bike round the island and drive up to to the top of Monastery of profitis.
  • Stay at Bellonias Villas or if not then definitely have dinner there.
  • Dine at the Pygros restaurant.
  • Spend an afternoon/day at the Theros Wave bar they do great cocktails!!

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