Positivity & Productivity:Finding life balance,peace,gratitude.

New year, new me…. and all that jazz!

We are all guilty of making resolutions and plans to conquer the world but as the second weekend in January creeps upon us we slowly start slipping back into old habits.STOP.Don’t give up that easy(at least make it to February)

I won’t bore you with my massive list of goals but the one thing I like to do is attain general positivity and always look at the glass half full at ALL TIMES. If you can’t change something then just accept & roll with it don’t play the victim.

Here are a few general daily “FEEL GOOD” tips I thought would be worth sharing.

1.  #TheGladGame A list of things you enjoyed through out the day & are happy/grateful for. Its easy to slip into taking things for granted.
 2. Get some fresh air – yes you would be surprised how much it can lift you up & give you an instant new lease of life. Make sure you step out of the office on your lunch break and look at the beautiful sky even if it is only 5 minutes.

3. Read less news/trash! This is one thing that I always try to avoid. I am aware that there is a lot of devastating things going on in the world and i hope for world peace one day but i refuse to let it takeover my life.

4. Save for a rainy day. This might be something most people do already, I however have always been a bit of a “spend as I go” sort of person, not really thinking about the future-Until now! I have made a promise to save every month(which I have been very good at) and now if i ever need to borrow emergency money I can borrow from myself – such a great feeling! So start now..every penny counts & you will be surprised how addictive it becomes seeing your bank balance increase.

5. Stop scrolling. This is a difficult one for me as I work in social media which means I am online 99percent of the time all day. But I realise by habit sometimes it becomes addictive & its just not healthy. So excluding work hours I have limited my personal time to no random scrolling and only going online to share or post something myself.  Start living your own life instead of watching every one live by theirs.

6. Water. The only thing I drink daily (Apart from tea & coffee) Always carry water. Not only is it beneficial for health and skin, sometimes you can confuse hunger for thirst.

7. Bubble Bath. I never was a big fan of getting in the bath but just lately I have found myself looking forward to getting home running a hot bath, Jo Malone candle on (almond & macaroon -delish!) and 20 minutes of peace & me time….bliss.

8. Tranquil music. Life can be a bit chaotic & noisy at times and your home should be a place of relaxation and comfort. Try downloading a spa mix or the sound of the ocean. Keep your pod calm and you really begin to feel instantly good. Include meditation,or even just 2 minutes to try switch yourself off.

9.Preperation is key. That doesn’t mean you need a life plan or anything just try be organised for the week ahead. Sunday’s are the best for getting in the shopping,preparing dinners for the next couple of days and even choosing your outfits to save the rushing around in the morning…that way you can start  the day as you mean to go on.

10.Read. Put down the phone & pick up a book. It is not only relaxing but knowledge is power after all. I personally prefer self help books that are gonna uplift me and deepen my knowledge of positive thinking & how I can achieve increased happiness, health, and wealth. Below are my favourite books from the past year. They really can change your life.



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