My holiday detox: dry January,fit February,healthy living.

So we have reached chapter 2 of 2016 and although dry January is out of the way & I would normally be falling off the wagon into old habits, the fact that I am gonna be wearing a bikini very soon is enough determination to keep me going!Eeeeeek!
I have 6 weeks to get in shape for Goa & the Maldives- so I am still on a strict regime to get my dream beach body (Or as close as I can anyway).
Below is my ultimate body goals @Emmaroseofficial she is still curvy,toned and healthy.
January was a success (excluding this weekend which wasn’t quite the “dryest”…. but in all fairness it was my friends 30th birthday which I feel definitely deserved a free pass) at the start of the year I decided to cut out the following from my diet as I know that I have over indulged and just didn’t feel my comfortable self, everyone is different but you can always tell in your clothes and how you feel so these were my naughty vices….
Chocolate (My weakness and I can’t believe I am no longer craving it)
Bread (I was having 2 slices every morning in December)
Alcohol(Not really an issue but since it was dry January I thought it should go on my list)
Coffee (I was drinking 3 cups + a day before Christmas- not good)
Chips (Calorie/Carb overload)
Not only have I lost a few of my extra Christmas pounds,I feel less bloated and have more energy but also the discipline has been great for my mentality,if you put your mind to it you can do anything.
Every morning this month I have started the day with a homemade shake which was inspired from my fave hotspot OM Café conscious catering in Manchester (with a bit of a twist) & I am hooked! Literally chuck it in a blender for 2 minutes and dah dahhhhh –
*2 tablespoons of Organic porridge oats
*1 Banana
*A squirt of Agave nectar
*A tea spoon of organic peanut butter
*Spoonful of bang bang
*Handful of almond nuts
*A teaspoon of Chai seeds
Peanut butter and Banana smoothie
For lunch/dinner I have been eating a healthy balanced meal and be sure to prepare snacks for the moments when hunger strikes! I usually pack almonds or raw carrots and hummus.
I would also recommend downloading MyFitnessPal this helps me limit my portions and its fun if you have a friend to share exercise and recipes with. I decided to treat myself to a cute gym outfit & trainers for extra encouragement.
Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world, right!?
Apparently it takes 20 days to form a habit so I am well on my way; it makes it easier that my boyfriend is on the same page and if anything he has more motivation than I do so he keeps me going . February means it’s time to step it up & add more workouts and exercise.
Goal: Workout 4 times a week & fit back into my favourite jeans which I can no longer get over my bum.
I will update you in 5 weeks, if you have any tips or motivational stories to share your comments are more than welcome….wish me luck!
P.S. I am not a nutritionist by any means this is just my opinion/advice and what works for me.
…..Peace & Love X

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