My skincare routine: wear sunscreen.

I frequently get asked what I use on my skin and also why I never seem to get spots so I have put together my secrets and the products that I swear by. I have also included a shameless no makeup selfie which a few years ago I probably wouldn’t have had the confidence to share.

I am not sure if good skin is genetic (my Mums skin is flawless) but I believe that your health and well being plays a big part,If I ever have a binge eating session or a number of late nights it is guaranteed that the next day I will develop a breakout and my skin is dull and dry I don’t think that is a coincidence.

Products I use 

Garnier Micellar water to remove makeup &  tone

Organic coconut oil can be used for almost everything, I have just discovered it works wonders for removing eye makeup(Perfect all over body moisturiser too)

Garnier factor 50 sunscreen as daily moisturiser under makeup(My Mum taught me to always use sunscreen,even in the winter you can still get sun damage)

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum I swear by this nightly ritual (secret weapon)

Mario Badescu facial spray can be used over makeup to hydrate and instantly freshen up your skin, it gives that dewy effect

Sudocreme  & Tea Tree oil are the only products I will put on my spots, I have used these since I was younger and they have always worked for me (do not pick spots)




Top Tips 

  • Never go to bed without removing your makeup -unless of course you are really drunk which only then is it completely acceptable.
  • Drink water morning noon & night. Take water to bed with you so its the last thing you have and the first thing you drink in the morning (add some fresh lemon).
  • Use sunscreen under makeup every day. Factor 50 is the best but even 15spf in makeup is better than nothing.
  • Do not put your face under tanning beds. I avoid sun beds unless I am going away and then I may have a few but I ALWAYS cover my face.Nobody wants to end up looking like a leather handbag.
  • Eat healthy & limit your sugar intake.
  • Exfoliate once a week – I love Liz Earle’s cleanse and polish.
  • Sleep….8 hours if you can squeeze that in! A good nights sleep works wonders.


This is my no makeup selfie as you may already know I have semi permanent lip liner/blush. This simply outlines my natural lips giving a slightly “done” look and defines my lip shape. The only thing I have on my skin is coconut oil which I sometimes cover my hair and face all over (Sunday for pamper days are the best). For semi permanent make up I would highly recommend my lovely friend Abbie check out her website for pricing:

semi permanent makeup,lip blush,natural
Semi permanent lip blush


My daily makeup is also quite natural and I choose mineral foundation so I allow my skin to breathe and save the contouring for the weekend.Personally I just prefer to feel different when I go out-out. (Make up routine blog post coming soon)

If you have any tips and tricks feel free to comment….love Melissa X


Natural makeup










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