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So I know this post is a bit late, I had all intentions of getting it done as soon as I returned but here I am 2 months later (ooops). Anyway I didn’t want to rush this post and I have been waiting for the right moment to sit back and reflect on what can only be described as the ULTIMATE dream holiday…before I begin just a pre-warning its a LONG one, I just took way too many pictures but you can’t blame me right!?

Let me rewind…April…(if only I could really rewind that would be ideal). We started off our 2 week adventure in India (see the last blog post) and finished in the Maldives. This has been pinned on my dream board for a long LONG time, we decided to book 3 different resorts/Islands so we could really get a true taste of this magical paradise.

From Goa- Maldives with no sleep because we were too scared that we would miss our flight so stayed up, not knowing what to expect & also a little grouchy we landed at the Maldivian airport which was tiny and on its own little island. Resort number 1¬†Kurumba, the cute little¬†rep was waiting for us with a massive smile he took us to our own private boat (this soon perked us up)….the week of luxury had begun! I literally couldn’t believe how clear & blue the sea was…so dreamy! Welcomed onto the sand with a coconut sorbet, I sat back waiting to check in and thought WOW we made it! You are automatically in a tropical bubble and forget about anything else…like a kid in a candy store I was snapping away, everything is literally picture perfect! Maldives = no filter needed!

MALDIVES,KURUMBA,HOTEL,LUXURY,RESORT,5STAR,PARADISE,INDIAN OCEAN 2016-03-28 13.47.23 2016-03-28 13.48.17 2016-03-28 13.48.25 2016-03-28 14.05.15

When we got to our room I was overwhelmed (probably due to the lack of sleep!) We had our own private section on the beach including sunbeds which meant no rushing in the morning to get a good spot, the bathroom was my fave – outdoors but indoors. I was already thinking of when I could get back to this place! I am not gonna bore you with what we did for the next 3 days but it went a little like this…drinking…eating..snorkelling…sunbathing..sleeping…whilst in complete awe of the whole place. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

KURUMBA,PARADISE,MALDIVES,ISLAND,BUCKETLIST,DREAM 2016-03-28 18.39.58 2016-03-29 11.31.05 2016-03-29 15.01.47 2016-03-30 18.19.42 2016-03-30 15.14.04 2016-03-30 17.54.08-1 2016-03-28 20.14.51 2016-03-30 15.15.47

If you go to the Maldives you MUST snorkel! I really wish I had a Go-Pro because the moments under the sea were simply breathtaking, it was like finding Nemo for real! We were swimming between a school of about 1000 beautiful yellow fish, I wish I could have snapped it but instead I got to capture the moment with my soulmate & its something we will share between us always. It was mind blowing, there were all sorts of sea life swimming round us, including sharks! YES real sharks..but apparently Reef sharks are vegetarian so it was safe -That doesn’t mean I wasn’t petrified though! But it was an experience! Thank you universe.

Next…onto location numero’ 2. The luxurious Conrad hotel! I made it my mission that I would dine in the Ithaa underwater restaurant which I only found out when I went to book a table that you had to be staying in this hotel in order to eat there. Obviously I made it my mission I would get there no matter what it would take! The only way to this Island was via seaplane. We docked the boat and headed back to the airport where we were treated like royalty (seriously it was very surreal) we had somebody from Conrad meet us with our own car to take us to an executive lounge, they even checked in our bags for us. We had a bed to wait for our plane, food, drinks and a free massage! So this is how the other half live sprung to mind! So blessed!

MALDIVES,CONRAD,HOTEL,LUXURY,PARADISE, 5 STAR 2016-03-31 09.54.44 2016-03-31 10.21.00 2016-03-31 11.05.55

The sea plane was tiny and only carried around 6/8 passengers, I did feel a bit unsteady as it is so loud and because it’s only small it felt like I was getting onto a toy plane but once I spotted the stunning view & crystal clear water I soon got over it!

2016-03-31 11.08.38-1 2016-03-31 11.12.13

2016-03-31 11.23.04 2016-03-31 11.37.29

ARRIVING AT CONRAD!…..Waiting for us at the dock was our personal butler with a fresh sorbet and cold wet cloth…once again I thought I had landed in heaven! He checked us in, took us for a tour of the resort and made us feel at home. This magnificent island also as its own time- how cool!!

2016-03-31 12.45.51

THE ROOM! O.M.G… Well I don’t even know where to begin with this one! I will be uploading a Vlog to my YouTube channel just so you can see for yourself how UNREAL this was. It was exactly what I had been looking at on my dream board but times a million even more AMAZING (excuse the capital letters but this place deserves to be shouted about).

CONRAD,WATER VILLA,DREAM BOARD,BUCKET LIST 2016-03-31 13.45.58 2016-04-01 14.12.19

I know this post is already wayyyy too long so I will be dedicating a separate post about my experience under the sea at the Ithaa Underwater Restaurant -although the pictures don’t really do it justice anyway here is a sneak peek until then(watch this space).


Waking up in the Conrad…..Breakfast fit for a king! Always my favourite meal of the day and It was 5 courses! The view, the food, the location. Just EVERYTHING was the definition of PERFECTION.

BREAKFAST,BEACH,VIEW,PARADISE,MALDIVES,CONRAD 2016-04-01 10.27.56 2016-04-01 10.54.52

This short but sweet visit is one I will never forget! I made a promise to myself that every year I tick something off the bucket list and this is another one down. It makes me very happy.

Next stop the Velassaru resort. This contemporary chic elegant hot spot was a perfect hideaway island, we made the most of our last 3 romantic nights over indulging. Our last night was the cutest! We watched a movie at the outdoor cinema on the beach, bean bags, popcorn and a million stars in the sky. A perfect end to a perfect trip.

VELASSARU,MALDIVES,HOTEL,LUXURY,PARADISE,TRAVEL BLOG 2016-04-03 14.36.22 2016-04-02 22.25.30 2016-04-02 22.17.59 2016-04-03 21.02.10

I am so grateful that I have had the pleasure of visiting the BEAUTIFUL Maldives. Yes I will be back…hopefully sooner rather than later! Any questions or advice on travelling to this stunning destination just get in touch.

Peace & Love as always…Melissa X

(Wearing Claudia Pink crochet bikini)


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