Secret Garden Party, Glitter for breakfast…rainbows for dinner;Festival Fashion.

“Back to life…back to reality”….well almost!

2 weeks later and my head still feels a bit fuzzy from the 4 days of cosmo craziness! Since I have previously done a post about SGP and how wonderfully magnificent it is, I have narrowed this down to a simple outfit/what I wore post! But before I begin let’s take a moment to appreciate my HAIR….unicorn inspired with a spoonful of my little pony and a dash of Avatar, my favourite festival hair to date! Not just because I LOVED it but it stayed in place for the full 4 days and I didn’t need to wash it (don’t judge) there is nothing worse than a full weekend of “bad hair days”plus I got to experience a euphoric moment of dancing in the rain with no worries about my usual frizz bomb…lucky me! Basically it was cheap synthetic coloured hair that I had braided in & only took about half an hour! I will definitely be rocking this again!


Bindi: Claudia pink (obsessed with this & a bonus that I didn’t lose it!)

Glitter: InYourDreams (The ultimate under eye magic to hide those bags)


Henna by Mendhi Seasons: Absolute festival necessitie!


Outfit number 1. Unif Rainbow Kimono from Nasty Gal with Primark high waist underwear (these are a saviour and come in nude & white which go with EVERYTHING).

Outfit 1

Outfit number 2. PrettyLittleThing sequin dress & long sleeved top (Yes i have worn the dress before #SorryNotSorry but mixed it up with the top)

outfit 2 -2

Outfit number 3. Silver Jaded sequin jumpsuit from ASOS.


Outfit number 4. Dancing Leopard Tiago champagne playsuit.

dancing leopard 2

Outfit number 5. Pretty Little Thing Co-ord. Space inspired- my fave!

outfit 4

I am not gonna lie….I am seriously missing glitter in my everyday makeup routine…why can’t life be one big FESTIVAL!?

Any recommendations for next year’s Burning Man outfits would be appreciated!?

Peace & Love

Melissa X





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