My Skincare: Chemical peel before and after.

Thinking about getting a chemical peel but not sure what to expect?!! Have you felt like your skin is tired and dull and lost its sparkle? Well that is exactly how I had been feeling lately!¬†Let me share my first experience –

The Dermaceutic Cosmo chemical peel from Serenity Aesthetics.

Now I am not claiming to have bad skin, infact I have good skin but just recently (maybe after hitting the 28 mark) I have noticed a slight few wrinkles & also dullness as a whole. After chatting to the nurses at Serenity I decided that a skin peel was something I wanted to try, I have never had botox and personally feel too young for that just yet so a peel felt like the perfect first step to holding on to my youthful glow without any needles involved.

Firstly let me show you some pictures of the salon -RMUK Leeds, for me presentation is everything especially when it comes to beauty salons and this place oozes in style(especially the outdoor terrace). It’s not just a treatment you come for it’s a luxury experience too.

RMUK, LEEDS -SerenityAesthetics beauty rooms terrace.html2 pair waiting room


Step 1. The cleansing foam is applied – This is just like a facial scrub and is cleansing away any dirt on your skin it is quite relaxing.

Step 2. The Chemical peel is applied – This is slightly uncomfortable I won’t lie I wanted to scratch my face during this process but it only lasts a few minutes so you have got to grin and bare it! (No pain no gain and all!) As you can see on the picture my skin looks inflamed & slightly sun burnt.

Stage 2- Chemical Peel

Step 3. The neutraliser is applied – This feels like a slice of heaven as the itchy sensation begins to fade. Shown below my skin is looking smooth & even.

Neutraliser applied.

Step 4. SPF applied – Obviously my number 1 rule for good skin is always wear sunscreen (even in winter) so this is ESPECIALLY important after a skin peel!

I know it has taken me a couple of weeks to do this post but I have been in the “healing process” so I wasn’t ready to comment on the results until now. Be prepared that you may peel like a snake (no joke I have pics to prove) and your skin appears flaky at first (see image below and please excuse my brows they are wild and have a mind of their own), I would say this lasted just under 2 weeks and as long as you have no important events it’s not the worst thing in the world!



And finally this is my skin now yes I am wearing mineral makeup but I have that extra glow that I had been missing, I am very happy with the results and going forward will be getting this treatment every 6 months to keep on top of it.

Skin Glowing after my Chemical peel for price lists and all the other luxury treatments they offer.

The Cosmo peel is £99 РCall for a free consultation 01138214565

Instagram – @serenityaesthetics_leeds

Both the nurses Victoria and Shaun have a combined 18 years experience between them and I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend!



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