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Positive Thinking: Change your thoughts change your life.

Change your thoughts….change your life

“Oh you’re so lucky…you always land on your feet” is just one of many references that seem to be used when somebody is doing well. Is there such thing as luck? Do you make your own luck (I think you do)…. Or is it just different types of people that are either saying YES to life seeing everything around them as an opportunity and others who prefer to sit back in the slow lane and stay in their comfort zone where there is no magic happening?


In my opinion If you sit back, moan and talk about others and are always negative then life isn’t going to be great and that is the reality that you are creating. What you put out you get back- believe it or not that’s the truth, some people call it karma others may call it “coincidence” but nothing is a coincidence – EVERYTHING happens for a reason! Right now you are creating your reality by what you are thinking….so think happy thoughts!



Give out love, gratitude, and be open and clear about what it is you want….believe it will happen and don’t have a second thought that it won’t…then guess what?? It more than likely WILL happen. What I am trying to say is don’t be realistic!! Why would you want to live an average life? We are here once and once only, do you want to look back on your life with regrets?

Now I don’t even know why I started this post and I feel I am on a complete rant , sometimes I like to get my thoughts out in the open, it’s my therapy I suppose! (Yes I am strange & cheesy if you haven’t picked that up yet).

Now back to the point. When you think about your job how does that make you feel? If it’s not happy or excited or fulfilled then STOP.RIGHT.NOW….thank you very much (sorry I couldn’t resist a bit of Spice Girls) but seriously …..Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Stop saying…I will be happy WHEN I get this, when this happens and so on and so forth– that needs to be NOW, we only have NOW!

Don’t care what ANYONE thinks, and I mean anyone. This is probably one of the most important things; people go through life trying to please everyone. Just go for it….when I was younger I was guilty of following trends and worrying about what my friends might think of me but as I have got older I grew out of it, I have always followed my passions and tried to turn them into careers and they may not have always worked out the way I expected, some people may even class them as a failure (just because they have stopped or I changed course) but there is no such thing as failure, each “failure” is a lesson and a push onto the path that you are meant to be on.

“If you haven’t failed yet, you haven’t tried anything” – shame on you!

Life doesn’t always go to plan, you can’t always control what’s happening around you but you can always control your reaction, let me give you an example; If you are stuck In stand still traffic on your way to work for a really important meeting, you are sitting there blood boiling, ranting and stressing basically trying to change something that you have no control over then where will that get you? Will it change anything?? NO.  Why not sit back, breathe, say out loud “F@ck it” (excuse my French but this works) and accept there is nothing I can change and “it’s just one of them things”, be grateful that you are not involved in the accident that caused it and put on some uplifting music then you have taken control of the only thing that you can control and that is how you react. It is not the situation that’s ever the problem it’s your reaction…that is YOUR REALITY. What is currently happening in your life right now is a reflection of your thoughts & actions. Some people think this is rubbish – I feel for them as I personally can’t imagine going through life believing that it’s “just happening” and I have no control?? Literally almost everything I have thought/dreamed/hoped for from my childhood to now ALWAYS seems to happen(maybe I have magic powers)…seriously I could write a book with the amount of examples (and I will one day).


It’s the first Monday in September which is why I decided to share this post today ….new month…new start a perfect time to set new goals….so why not try looking at life in a different light??

  • Talk about things you LOVE instead of fears & other peoples misfortunes
  • Follow your dreams and make a plan about how you will reach them
  • Stop comparing yourself to others and compliment yourself daily
  • Do a kind gesture every day
  • Any time you get a negative thought recognise it and replace it with a happy thought
  • Be grateful, count your blessings daily (some people would love to have your “bad days”)
  • Read self-help books & listen to audios, a few influential speakers I follow are Tony Robbins, Abraham Hicks, Tim Ferris and Rhonda Byrne.
  • Say YES YES YES to life and all the opportunities that come your way
  • Tell the special people in your life you love them everyday
  • If something isn’t making you happy change it



I hope this blog post can help and inspire somebody, please let me know your thoughts and share any tips you may want to contribute….

Peace & Love Melissa X



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