My Perfect Proposal; Venice-the City of love.

VENICE.Renowned all over the globe as the city of love and now I can not doubt that the rumours are true! Not just a dream destination that I have forever longed to tick off my list, no longer just an infatuation that one day I would be whisked off my feet like in the movies and wined and dined in this beautiful intoxicating city, but in fact my very own real life fairytale….That one night in Italy when he finally PUT A RING ON IT!


The day that all girls (if we’re completely honest) often wonder how, where & when it will happen?? Well I can’t deny 7 years down the line of my incredibly happy fulfilling relationship and many wonders of the world we have embarked on together which included ample “proposal worthy” opportunities I often thought is he EVER gonna pop the bloody question! I wondered how I would feel, would it be fireworks, butterflies,tears?? Well YES lots & lots of tears (actually the “ugly” cry face came out ). One month later and it has just about sunk in that I am going to be a real Wifey so I thought I would share my love story with you guys & lets just say he definitely deserves brownie points.

So my 7 year anniversary was arising and I was certain that we were going for a nice celebratory meal and maybe a fancy hotel stay somewhere, knowing how last minute my partner is I even booked a back up restaurant a month in advance incase he left it too late to organise. Going about my normal day I got a call from him to say we were flying to Venice in the morning and he didn’t want to tell me but knew I may freak out about what to pack (which I did) so shot to the nearest retail park with a poor variety of choice for shopping but I managed to find an outfit to satisfy from River Island, so thanks for saving the day!


Arrived in Venice after a 2 hour delay to a thunderstorm, absolute torrential rain! My shoes were soaking I could have filled a pint glass with the water and don’t even get me started on my curly blow dry…right out of the window! But you know what we got on the water bus (sat in puddles may I add) looked at each other, laughed and agreed that it added to the romance. It took less than an hour to dock at our destination and guess what, as soon as we stepped off the boat the sun was shining and it was like we had just landed in a different country! I was soooo happy, the place came to life all of a sudden. I had no idea where we were staying and couldn’t believe my eyes when we got to the San Clemente Palace Kempinski Venice- A luxury 5 star exclusive retreat on its own private island! Even more incredible than I could have imagined. As we checked in the lovely staff there must have misunderstood and assumed it was our 7 year “wedding” anniversary so kindly upgraded us to the best suite and a complimentary bottle and chocolate. Obviously I kept my mouth shut and went along with it, the day was just getting better and better if only I knew what was about to happen next I think I would have burst! Relaxing in the room with a glass of bubbly and white dressing gowns I was on cloud 9, this was just perfect and for some reason I felt even more smitten than normal – it must have been something in the air!




The evening was upon us so we decided to venture around until our table at 9, strolling around the the main square of course we had to experience a Gondola ride, after all this was the Venice I had always imagined. He came back with a bottle of prosecco, 2 glasses and lead me onto the boat. Sailing round gazing at the stars, stillness all around I heard an accordion playing, it felt like that famous scene in Lady & The Tramp. He pulled out the ring and my heart sank,he declared his love….Will you be Mrs Cannon. YES.YES.YES. I mean I have joked about this but when it actually happened I just couldn’t believe it, I burst into tears – hysterically. I blame that on the prosecco though! My soulmate, the person who brings the best out of me and inspires me on a daily wants to spend the rest of his life with me! OMG. This day was up there with one of the best moments of my life, even more special than I could have ever wished, It was like we was on a first date. Instead of posting on social media we decided to have the rest of the night just us before telling friends and family and I am so glad I got to embrace it all.If only I could press rewind.

This picture was taken right after the proposal – of course it is going in a frame!


Now the rest of the night was spent drinking more prosecco and taking every chance I could to stare at my ring, which by the way was PERFECT, I couldn’t have picked a more fitting ring myself, my name all over it! Boy did good on every level.


24 hours in Venice and I was returning as a new woman. Now to plan the wedding….Let the fun commence (I hope that Bridezilla doesn’t make an appearance.)

…..Mrs Melissa Cannon to be (very lucky girl.) #LuckyNumber7







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