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The Fire & Ice Facial Review; Serenity Aesthetics – Hollywood fave

Cleansing, exfoliating, moisturising, drinking litres of water and wearing SPF 50 on a daily (rain or shine) are the main factors of my skin care routine. I believe in investing into good products and also allowing your face to have some breathing time, where acceptable of course!

But with the winter gloom upon us and FREEZING weather creeping in, it’s a recipe for flawless disaster! The dry air steals the skin’s moisture resulting in a dull surface – I want my summer glow all year round thank you very much! When I heard that Serenity Aesthetics were offering the Hollywood favourite “Fire & Ice Facial” my appointment was booked, pronto. This sought after facial has come all the way from Beverley Hills and is popular amongst the red carpet clang including the likes of Halle Berry, Gwyneth Paltrow, Rosie Huntington and Michelle Keegan. SOLD!


I decided to take my mother along for a treat, afterall it’s her great genes that gave me the skin I am in (shout out to Lozza the MILF). We arrived at the RMUK leeds early to grab a coffee and kick back in the cosmopolitan surroundings, every time I visit the salon I leave with a new lease of life and my next appointment booked on the way out.



  • STEP 1 Cleanse – The cleansing complex has a gentle exfoliant to get rid of make up and any leftover residue on your face
  • STEP 2 The ‘Fire’ is applied – Burn baby, burn (just kidding) The Intensive resurfacing masque gives a warm tingly feeling and you can feel it working instantly giving off a smell of cinnamon, felt like Christmas !
  • STEP 3 Now the best part – The ‘Ice’, this feels like heaven, so cooling and refreshing!
  • STEP 4 Serum to reduce the fine lines
  • STEP 5 Moisture & SPF to finish

Not only did I feel the immediate results but up to a week later my skin still felt over hydrated and I didn’t feel the need to apply any makeup. I previously had a chemical peel at Serenity which I felt a massive difference in my skin and I will definitely have again in about 6months time but the Fire & Ice is a treatment I feel I would want to have more regular, especially for special occasions. It is my new favourite, even surpassing my already high expectations, my next appointment is booked for December before I head to New York.

The reason I love this facial so much is how natural the iS clinical products are, made up of 95-98% botanical ingredients whilst also being paraben & cruelty free. I will be treating myself to these at payday (or putting them down on my list for Santa I am sure I have been good this year!)

There’s no better feeling than confidence and the best foundation you can wear is glowing skin #Fact


Serenity in Leeds are offering this treatment at a discounted introductory offer throughout NOV-DEC!  Just £80 

Call them for a FREE consultation: 01138214565 

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