New Year in New York 2017 #CityBreak

New York, New York so good they named it twice. It’s a universal fact that no place does New Years Eve like NYC, so I couldn’t think of a more fitting place to finish the end of an absolutely epic year (one of my most memorable to date) and embark on another exciting chapter of life. I am sure that summer here is wonderful in it’s own special way but I am glad my first experience was over the festive period. Bright lights, fireworks, lots of coffee and crisp weather,just like the movies.  Here’s how I made the most of my 4 nights in the bigC.


“We have touched down at the John F Kennedy airport”(American accent), I mean it even sounds like a line from of a Hollywood film. Out of over 200 people we could have been seated with it was British Actor Jonathon Howard (you may recognise him from Thor: The Dark World, Mr Selfridge and DowntonAbbey) who was lucky to share the plane journey with us lol – he was such a lovely guy and OBVIOUSLY we asked him for a picture!


I can now vouch that the rumours are true, NewYork is the city that never sleeps! I had all intentions of a chilled trip with lots of blogging,writing, photography and relaxing – I think this just proves I was a NY Virgin (what was I thinking). Well I certainly fell in love with the Big Apple but by no means did I relax. There is sooooo much to do and I only just touched the surface, it was an absolute whirlwind from start to finish. Straight off the plane, no time to even shower, to Broadway….TAXIIIII – I have always wanted to shout that.





We were unusually organised for this trip booking tickets in advance for the Broadway show and the New York Knicks game, simply because we know how easy it is to get lost in the moment and return wondering what you spent your time doing? It is an absolute MUST that you visit a Broadway show, even if it’s “not your thing” it will blow you away, from the talent on stage to the next level production.Magical.

Day 2. The Statue of Liberty, this is an iconic American landmark I had to tick off! The que was 4- 6 hours long to walk on the land or 1 hour to get on a boat around it, which to me was a better view anyway. It is a lot smaller than I imagined it to be but surreal all the same.

CAMERA: Olympus Pen ELP7

After venturing around finding our feet I quickly adjusted to the fast pace of the city, with endless walking I was mesmerized at every street corner it was soon time to get ready for some New Years Eve celebrations. We booked a table months in advance at the Manhattan hot spot STK in the heart Times Square. Included in the package was a free bar which we 100% got our money’s worth and the next persons on top and a pass to the ball drop which we didn’t make on time (don’t ask). Stumbling into a private Hummer as we headed out for the evening was the sign of a great night ahead, drinking endless Mamosa’s (which I only discovered in NYC), dancing until we dropped,taking over the club…and the rest is a blur, to say it was a night to remember would be an understatement.


Day 3. Happy New Year!!!!! I woke up still intoxicated and fully clothed (so much for dry Jan). I wanted to hide under the sheets all day eating leftover pizza and fizzy diet coke – which I had for breakfast, but I managed to snap out of it and venture over to Central Park. The cold fresh air instantly woke me up and the fact that I spent day 1 of 365 ice skating around Central Park, NYC makes me very happy even if I was like bambi on ice, it’s the taking part that counts!


This was the only evening that we had no plans or tickets booked so we got a table at a cool restaurant called Vandal, recommended from a knowledgeable experienced NewYorker!  It was a mix between Tattu Manchester and Gotham hotel, very cool stylish with a sexy exotic twist. The vibe was exactly what  I needed for a pick me up, urban and hip hop tunes and food to get your mouth watering!! Straight from our table to the downstairs nightclub, this place is perfect for a guaranteed good night. I somehow got dragged to an underground house night in Brooklyn – NO PHOTOS ALLOWED (seriously the bouncer nearly took my phone), I mean I love a rave from time to time but when you have just eaten a 3 course meal it’s not the one, however it was an experience!

Day 4. After getting in bed at 5.30am it wasn’t until 1pm I arose out of my pit, this was exactly why I was on my best behaviour the night before as the day could have easily been a write off. My plan was to slip on my tourist hat and visit the Empire State building but it was raining so I opted for shopping instead. It was a win win situation I suppose. Obviously you must visit the renowned Bloomingdale’s on Lexington Avenue and Macy’s on 34th street!


I have had so many people ask about my coat which yes I specifically got for this trip because it has NEWYORK written all over it! Not just super stylish but super warm and snuggly. Here is the link to buy: http://tidd.ly/4a1c5a33


NewYork Knicks vs Orlando Magic: The atmosphere was ELECTRIC at Madison Square Garden, I especially loved the celebrity row. 50 Cent and other A list actors graced the audience, It was the real American experience.(Get your tickets in advance).



My top tip when visiting New York would be to book in advance the tickets for anything that you want to prioritise and let everything in between just flow. I can imagine every time you go it would be completely different, which is another reason to go back.

We stayed at the W Hotel 541 Lexington Ave, it’s in a prime location and just a walk away from everything that you need. Including my favourite breakfast spot which is next door the National Bar & Dining – they do the most UNREAL steak & eggs.

If you don’t know already I am on a bit of a mission to work my way through the world map, blogging along the way. And when I say mission I mean to do it all properly leaving every place with no regrets – because if you do it right then once is enough.I left the Big Apple feeling satisfied and also run down from the non stop antics (another excuse for a holiday don’t you agree?). Got my new  BIBA cases at the ready, where to next??!


Please share any tips on NYC for my next visit. What’s it like in the summer???

Peace & Love Melissa x






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