Goodbye dry January – hello FIT FEBRUARY!

We binge and let our hair down over the festive period, over indulging left right and centre (and so we should) but then expect to click our fingers after New Years eve and suddenly loose a stone and be healthy-yogi-organic-vegan fitness fanatics. Well I bet 50% of people have fallen off the band wagon already? So lets try again. Who is joining me for FIT FEBRUARY!?? Because January was just a warm up!

Yes I am a little late to the “new year, new me” party, but for me the 1st of January was never gonna happen. Not only was I still in New York mode but I was a poorly girl for the first 2 weeks of the month, I also decided I needed a digital detox before I made any commitments (mentally or physically). I didn’t’t want to start anything half hearted, hence why I have done zero blog posts or anything else remotely creative or productive, sometimes you just need to give yourself a break.

Anyway looking back on 2016 I came to the realisation that my fitness, weight and body was not to the standard where I wanted it to be. I was the biggest I had ever been at the start of the year (I will post the picture on my next update I promise). I had no consistency and in a way I just got too complacent with how I looked and felt. This year I am feeling very excited and motivated to hit my ultimate peak ready for turning 30 next year (yikes) and my wedding the year after. If that isn’t enough to kick my butt into gear I don’t know what is!?


So before I share my P.O.A I just want to confirm I am no PT or nutritionist and this is just my opinion. Please feel free to share any of your personal tips.

First things first – DITCH THE SAD SCALES. Over the years I have been OBSESSED with weighing myself on a daily and beating myself up if I weighed a few extra pounds after the weekend. After signing up for my first ever PT sessions in September and feeling the trimmest I had felt in a long while it was a wake up call when I stepped on the scales and the weight had gone up. I would have normally freaked out but I was confident that when I looked in the mirror I felt toned and slimmer, this was the reason I will never take notice of weight AGAIN. It has been months since I last stepped on them and I feel so much happier in myself. So stop judging your worth by a number.

So how is it going so far? I have discovered what works for me and finding something that I enjoy rather than forcing myself to go to the gym and looking at the clock. I finish off my workouts with Rich Protein’s Diet Protein and CLA capsules designed to support muscle building and help with fat- loss. I find they boost my metabolism and also stop me from binging out.The coconut flavour is my favourite.


I have a personal training session every Monday morning at 8am at HT Fitness just to kick off my week with a BANG. I have found a dance fitness class which I absolutely love and will soon be taking over teaching this which I can’t wait for – 45 minute class twice a week to get a cardio fix and my heart rate pumping. Dancing has always been a passion so it isn’t torture it’s actually a pleasure. If I have time in my schedule I have another PT session at the end of the week and if not then I will make sure I go for a long walk at the weekend. Every Wednesday I have a date night with my fiancé (that’s the first time I have used that word and probably the last because I find it too cringe) but back to the point we normally take that evening to switch off our phones and go for a nice meal or something but we are now going to switch it up and do something active like tennis or even better – trampolining.



Basically the goal is to work out at least 4 times a week and be CONSISTENT. Consistency is key and that is when you get results. Also the fact that I am writing this on my blog is pressure to stick to it so my friends can get on my case if I fall off the bandwagon.

CLEAN EATING. Abs are 70% diet and 30% working out. So your bikini bod starts in the kitchen, the best way to curb the snacking and bad habits is to be prepared. Which is why I will be getting all my meals from C- lean eating (the name speaks for itself). They prepare food preps that will cover me Monday- Saturday, sourcing all there food locally and organically. They have dieticians who will work with me to build a menu personal to my requirements and goals.Not just delicious healthy nutritious food but they do the most UNREAL Nutella and peanut butter protein balls I have EVER tasted. I will allow myself a cheat meal (or day) on a Sunday but the rest of the time it’s “Eat Clean, Cheat Clean, Stay Lean”.unnamed


CHALLENGE yourself on a daily. Now this can be anything from an extra set up sit ups or squeezing in another workout, pushing yourself to the next level.

The most important is COMPLIMENT. When you look in the mirror pick out the things you like about yourself, the areas that are improving. Not the things you don’t like. Confidence is key and if you have somebody (the voice in your head) putting you down all the time you are not gonna feel good. So every day drop yourself a nice compliment say it out loud if you really want to go for it!


Do you need motivation?? Treat yourself to some new gym wear and workout clothes, I swear that helps. If you look good you feel good! Also spend an hour updating your iPod with a workout list of your favourite songs.

When I reach my target by summer I will show you my before and after picture.Feel free to comment below with your workout tips and how you keep motivated!


Happy first day of the month!! X












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  • Frankie Neild

    Love this Fit Feb blog, especially the SAD scales, ha ! as I couldn’t agree more. I have recently discovered the body scanner (Body composition Analysers) that also proves we shouldn’t be concentrating too much on our “weight” as such this amazing machine measures everything from muscle mass, water , fat percentage & even your metabolic rate. I also used to get on the sad scales too, but since Iv discoverd this machine I now understand that I may be heavier but I’m actually on the way to getting leaner & healthier far more important than a number on the scales! It’s really interesting maybe something for you to look into on your fitness journey & blog ! happy Fit Feb X X x

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