Oai, Santorini, Greece,KAMARI BEACH

Top 10 breakfast spots around the globe

I’m an absolute sucker for breakfast, it is definitely my favourite meal of the day. Waking up in the morning thinking about what’s first to eat gives me great pleasure and happiness (I am a fat person on the inside dying to get out). The only thing that can satisfy me even more than food is a great view or backdrop (when I say this out loud it makes me realise I am definitely getting old), but it’s right what they say…with age you start to appreciate the little things in life.

So as I was tucking into my poached egg and salmon on toast, with a froffy coffee and picture perfect view of the glistening sea on my latest trip to Mauritius my mind started wandering. It got me reminiscing about my favourite breakfast hotspots that I have experienced so far on my travels. So here they are…ENJOY

The Hanging Gardens – Ubud – Bali

Hanging Gardens, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

Cavos Ventas Villa – Santorini – Greece

Cavo Ventus Villa.

Bellonias Villa – Kamari – Santorini

Oai, Santorini, Greece,KAMARI BEACH

Conrad Hotel – Maldives (Rangali Island)


Shangri La  Touessrok Resort and Spa – Mauritius


Grimsborgir hotel– Selfoss – Iceland


The Yorkshire Countryside – Home

Home Sweet home - Yorkshire- England
Home Sweet home – Yorkshire- England

Blue Palace, a luxury collection Resort and Spa –  Crete – Greece

The Blue Palace - Crete - Greek Island
The Blue Palace – Crete – Greek Island


The Park Hotel – Hyderabad – India

The Park Hotel - Hyderabad - India
The Park Hotel – Hyderabad – India


Gili Air – Indonesia



I wish I could click my fingers right now and be back at the Hanging gardens in Bali (my personal favourite), if you could choose to wake up to one of these, which would you choose? #BreakfastGoals


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