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HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone, yes I am a little late to the party and this has been sitting in my drafts for a while now…BUT let’s blame the “baby brain” for my delay (I have been using this to my advantage lately and it seems to work for everything else). Who else is guilty of this and also will it ever go away or is this my IQ forever!? SOS!  So as most of you probably know my latest and biggest news..I am pregnant! I thought it is only right that the first blog post of the year should be dedicated to my journey so far. I may have kept it a secret up until the twenty week mark but I have still been writing in my diary, mainly to keep me sane, but also to share my thoughts and maybe help any other new “mums to be” who turn to google for the answers to EVERYTHING. Which by the way isn’t always the best idea.

So my first bambino aka mini me which we found out is going to be a little girl on Christmas day, is due to join our team on May 11th. This is just a month before my 30th birthday (OMG) which is also a big milestone! I have no doubt this year will be one to remember. 2018 – the year of finally growing up (kind of) and most importantly, FAMILY!


After making it through the sicky and dreaded first trimester I started this post and kept notes along the way. For me personally the toughest time so far was week six up until week twelve, which believe me I am SO glad to see the back of. I understand some first trimester pregnancy problems can last all the way through and for any mums going through it still, I feel for you deeply, it must be SAVAGE!

With the amount of ups and downs along this hormonal rollercoaster I want to firstly thank my closest people for putting up with my mood swings and irrational breakdowns (usually for no apparent reason). I am sure it will all be water under the bridge at the end of it and you won’t hold it against me fingers crossed. One thing that has been super helpful is the fact that I have friends that are pregnant at the same time, and it’s like a hotline of advice back and forth on whats app which is a god send. Thank you to my girl Christelle for this amazing mini bible and current read…


Everyone and every pregnancy is different, there is no wrong or right and it comes with good, bad and ugly (yes goodbye pert breasts, and hello extra cellulite). Don’t even get me started on the constant water infections and toilet trips.

Anyway here are a few questions that I seem to get asked the most and thought I would share…

When did I find out I was pregnant?

In September, a week after I missed my period I decided to do a test and it was positive. My periods are very regular and normally in sync with my mum (strangely enough) so I knew after a week something was going on.

Was the pregnancy planned?

We knew that we were ready to start thinking about extending our family and coming off contraception that it would soon happen. However you never know if it will take years, months or even days. I would say it was a good few months before I missed my period. Perfect timing actually just after the summer.

Do I want a girl or boy?

I want one of each so I would have been seriously happy with either, however I come from an all girls household so I was very happy to find out it was a little girl. A friend for life and definitely a Daddy’s girl.

Have I decided on names?

I have had a list for a while now and change my mind a lot, I actually preferred my boys names (which I will have to save now)! But we have agreed on a couple so far, I think it will be easier once I meet her and decide which one she suits the most. It’s funny because all the girls names I am drawn to are Greek, and my name is also Honey Bee in Greek.

How did I feel in the first trimester?

Sick & nauseous (constantly) however I was only physically sick one day but I believe that was a bug. An emotional train wreck, lonely and isolated (as I kept it secret for a while so avoided my friends), anxious about something going wrong and above all TIRED all of the time. Even if I went to bed at 9pm-9am I would need a nap within a few hours, I felt exhaustion.

Have I had any cravings?

No cravings as of yet just an aversion of tea and coffee in the first trimester which has now returned to normal. And an increase in appetite at times.

Do I have a birthing plan?

Not yet, I have my next midwife appointment at the end of the month which is to discuss the P.O.A. and ask lots of questions. I am swaying towards a water birth and I don’t want epidural, ideally as natural as possible BUT I know things don’t go to plan so I am going to be open.

Has it been hard not drinking alcohol over Christmas??

Well it’s not the no-alcohol that I struggled with as I am not a big drinker any way (unless I am on a rare wild one with the girls)…but the worst part is when everyone else around you is drunk and your sober trying to avoid.


How much weight have I put on and how does my body feel??

I try not to go on the scales and focus on the number as such but I think so far just over a stone. Everyone is different so just go on how you feel rather than the scales. Lots of walks in the fresh air and lots of water.

Anyway some good news…the second trimester has been an absolute breeze. I have felt fantastic, luckily no symptoms apart from sometimes feeling tired and my growing waistline. So I am feeling very lucky and smug indeed (at the moment). Here is my most recent bump picture…at 25 weeks. Yes the breasts have doubled in size.


There are so many things off limits but I am trying my hardest to eat right, go on lots of walks and get lots of sleep while I still can. I treat myself last week to a trip to Serenity Aesthetics for a Fire & Ice facial- which was like a slice of heaven. There is so much you can’t do, from whiten your teeth or even use eyelash growing serum and sometimes you do feel a bit rubbish when you can no longer fit into your normal clothes and pamper routine. This facial is 100% pregnancy safe and something I have had in the past which I loved. So any fellow pregnant girls out their I highly recommend. It gives you a glow to enhance that already “pregnancy glow”.

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 18.41.25


So as I am creeping towards the end of the second trimester the next step for me is to start on the nursery and plan my baby shower! Blog to follow 🙂

Thanks for reading my journey so far, I would love to hear from any new-mums out there! If you have any tips or classes you can recommend please do? I have been debating starting a Youtube channel to document pregnancy/motherhood – let me know what you think??


Love always…Melissa and BUMP







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